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coincidentally or within a year or two in the grandparents and the other
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ence of quite considerable stenosis. The increased " suction force"
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table, that the renal and vascular changes were in the relation
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the ring of insertion of the valves. Fereol reported a case of calcifi-
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observer described the disease independently, but the evidence that
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Learning reported rupture of the right ventricle ; Lankester, Thomas,
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condition of the left arm and face. There was no abnormal reflex in the left
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tain small numbers of shrunken blastomyces, none of which has been seen to
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the above precautions, which are of considerable importance if the
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any sputum in pleurisy, and usually by the absence in infarction of
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A diastolic murmur generated at the orifice of the pulmonary artery
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cle. It is rare in the right ventricle, and still rarer in the auricles;
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All deep reflexes were absent and the Romberg test was markedly positive.
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may be swollen from oedema. Bristowe has shown that even in cases
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and then are "second nature." All the emotions affect the heart.
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to remain there during the day. The dropsy occurs at first as a
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seen, Aug. 1, 1914, she was in bed with weakness and mental symptoms. One
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with insanity, Boyce and Beadles 36 found well-marked endarteritis of
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series. The comparative figures are shown in Table 2. The similarity
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several different reasons. An operation is necessary when the en-
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to remain there during the day. The dropsy occurs at first as a
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The face will be pale and the mucous surfaces ansemic.
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auricular node of 37.5 per cent. Interruption number 3, across the
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Age. — The disease most commonly develops during the first three
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knowledge of it was revived by the observations of Hope and Corri-
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$1 per day. Has two children who go to school. Total income less than $30
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able to walk more steadily. On February 16, February 24 and March 9, respec-
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avoidance of exposure to the infections, by sparing the body over-
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are really derived from the spinal accessory, while the other nerve
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the next P wave. For several days the patient's improvement continued, the
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nephrin gave subnormal reactions, the latter being proportionally
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years, one after seven years and one after seventeen years without
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appeal very strongly to his apprehension, and implant wdthin him a
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such mechanics as lift heavy weights or make inordinate movements
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Of the total 1,180 recorded pellagrins, 187 died during the year of
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of the rural population. In Xorth Germany the western provinces yield
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in each groin for which he was wearing a truss. The patient became
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