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face to a healthy state. I had an opportunity to compare it with

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conference, and at least abstain from that come in the history of the medical profes-

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was to teach him to pass a catheter. The consequence of all this

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the quantity of phosphorus, as regards the purpose in view, contain-

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developing opalesence of the milk can be observed. Later it becomes

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soldier, he studied their temper and dispo- the doctors and surgeons in presenting his

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after the temperature has fallen. The fever is characterized

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therefore, seem to be that the ground itch is an initial symptom of uncinariasis?

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parts of the lungs undergo induration, cicatrization, caseation,

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Dr. Ames speaks of the "facility of doing mischief" with his

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and correct surgical principles in both role in the repairative forces following tra-

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his breakfast ; but complained of no pain, only stiffness in the

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have proved that the post-operative pulmo- chief cause of pulmonary complications fol-

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toms and more or less of them die. Such an occurrence often

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2 after 8 doses. ground that thymol is soluble part for part

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became anpestheticised ; the respiration very frequent, and dys-

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bronchial glands and the mucosa of the air passages may

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either locally, or given internally. Hypodermic injection is

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phthisis, and convalescence from severe diseases, the use of wine

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food, and a few grains of hydrochlorate of ammonia may be added

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appear in the unstained, fresh preparation as minute or larger

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point from which it starts. Arrived at the nervous centre

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Typho-Malarial and Typical Typhoid. A Preventive of Post-

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purchased swine should not be placed immediately after ship-

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ience. Owing to the abdominal walls be- ;i,nount of mucus in the throat, which so

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feebled and engorged condition of the capillaries, allows the thiner

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the cold stage of intermittents — in cases of rapid and exhausting

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even moderate means may have the advan- sources for the spread of the disease."

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but the exceptionally robust; and even driving is not possible

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§ 268. Symptoms. The mildest attacks are manifested

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While maintaining, however, that many such dyspeptic

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which there was complete loss of consciousness, and other

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of that time, but had derived no benefit or relief of any kind

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sometimes happens that germs find their sure that they had to deal with a third

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It is necessary now to determine whether the sensibility of

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false membranes. In the more recently affected regions a