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W. Austin, chairman : Passed Assistant Surgeon W. A.
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way. He met with financial reverses in later years.
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proved to be a pledget of absorbent cotton discolored by
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beginning it is not surprising that a number of re-
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is performed at all. In some cases the tonsil is com-
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was employed there until about April i, 1910, and was con-
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ing membranes, the optic nerve somewhat pale, and the
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nodule in the breast was not noticed until the lumps
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diac stimulation by digitalis preparations intravenously and
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scalp, twice daily and then once a day until the tenth
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. An Index of Symptoms, with Diagnostic Methods. _ By
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Experimentation. Dr. W. B. Cannon, professor of physi-
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a thought would flash through niv brain "He does not know
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a Bradford frame. I do not know what that is. But I do know that
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continued to be blood streaked. Pulse rapid and strong;
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ing off poisonous products, it is necessary to ship
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teen days' leave of absence from August i6, 1910, on
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ternative diagnostic hypothesis, in the solution at
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rect these deformities are indicated in healed tuber-
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States in regard to cholera. During the afternoon of
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2. I ID Cases of Syphilis Treated According to Ehrlich-
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Charles P. Emerson, of CHfton Springs; Early Manifes-
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pieces and oil immersion lens. Practically new. Also water power
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Marshall, Francis H. A. — The Physiology of Reproduc-
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There were no symptoms to lead us to suspect any pelvic injury, no
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of $2,050 for their tuberculosis department and night camp
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of the humerous, injuries to the elbow joint, injuries to the forearm.
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constitutional basis is brought into the question, the
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tented ourselves with short applications of from ten to
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De Vore. — In Smithfield, West Virginia, on Thursday,
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Treupel. Deutsche medizinische Wochenschrift, 1910,
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and sterile water by the aid of a brush or pieces of
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ness of acute ear complaints and in spite of the in-
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before the members of this society, for the purpose
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ihnt in this case a marked excessive tension existed. The patient
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(Section in Orthopsedic Surgery) ; Clinical Society of
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traps set daily was 1,738. Ten medical officers of the
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