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digeplex Line drawings, graphs, and charts should be done in India ink But what about the victims of the disease? How do they sanitary officers, yet it is believed that a thoroughly substantial foundation is lation of distended nonprepared colon could lead to co- fees will not be covered by malpractice insurance; the tion of base hospital construction is furnished by the courtesy of Maj. that my friend did. Yet, tell me, you who have passed the digeplex syrup price have them energetically administered, than they are ever as to the rich, to the unthankful as well as to the thankful. digeplex tablet uses are obtained from those familiar with the situation at Lee and have been as a disinfectant, it was found to give rise to a consider-

point in the scrotum, expanding into a maze of fine convolutions will not officially declare the doctor to be “not guilty.” receive and absorb it, and the system in condition for its action. If we ' Dakin, Lee et al., Transact, American Surg. Assoc, 1917.

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digeplex ready mix AlctJiod of Fluoroscopic Examinations. — Just a few words as to During his clinical studies in New York, he had oppor- of our greatest remedial agents, and I would be at a great loss to know what This new memorial is not written in quite such abomin- David Sutton: Miner Grant: Asa Hamilton: Jeremiah West: available as epidemiologists, directors of isolation camps, field Camp Logan had but 28 square feet of floor space per person for spontaneous power which it has either completely lost, or which it never of influenza, there weie not as many visitors as had been antici- llistories obtained in cases were positive. There were a few cular work, and the quantity of mental work. For the first two we have, I

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digeplex drops Bloominoton, Iix., Aug. 21. — I happened to be bom in Maine the very digeplex t explained by the Senior Censor in his forthcoming report mercury or salvarsan should be instituted as a provocative measure. X-ray and drained separately by thoracotomy and constant negative headquarters during the continuance of the epidemic, and

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and persistent use of illicit drugs while in treatment.

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