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health education. In HMOs, 67% of the physicians said they
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of something red in the region of the tonsils is seen,
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The terra "malarial" was not applied to these fevers until 1712, when
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The House of Delegates accomplished the work set before it in
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statistics have come to the opposite conclusion. Of Strauscheid's 112
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The Minute Anatomy ami Physiology of the Nervous System in
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duties to the tuberculous of their districts. In spite of this,
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sion of affectionate regafd that he would so much appreciate ? It is
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and sunlight. The excision of a small area from the hip-joint,
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The abscess had burrowed forward into the neck from the fifth dor-
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diameter. These are not similar to the nuclei of the small round-cells found in ordinary
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disturbed, and it alone may be affected. For a more
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one fourth the patients were in poor physical condition on ad-
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but I cannot say that even temporary relief appeared to result from any of these
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some experiments, and did so; during which, she sunk into a state
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regards food, rest and the complete abstraction of every circurn-
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face to the first edition, he assumes the very sensi-
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tion, or even upon operations performed in cases with
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this case, the psychosomatic formula was much in evi-
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letic heart possibly (?), one of excessive frequency of car-
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one arising firom other causes. A remarkably deep, bluish redness, an
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across the pelvis in front, without causing fracture or
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most unusual, one may speculate if Dioscorides is speaking for his
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tinued at the same arithmetical rate after 1910, there has been added
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and the whole mixed, with as little friction as possible. The
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1.— Cases Treated with Rdntgen Rays.— W. J. Morton
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of taking care that the water which he drinks is free from unwholesome
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This order is treated of first because it includes the parasites
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of this early nephritis he had occasionally examined his water as a
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doffing his night-shirt and indulging for the space of,
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thus soil the feed or water. In the adult state the
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tubes into a basin on the floor. 'The flexible copper