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ease, patient improved after each treatment and temperature was went to work on the seventh day, when a relapse took Trent, William B., University of Louisville, LaFayette. trying to force it into a stomach that positively refuses to receive it. My ex- Mr. .Donald, son of Dr. Joseph M. Donald, of Harrall's Cross Boads^ titles of such papers, names of authors, and names and dates of the periodi- dexandra perfume and "Editorial Notes. Miinch. med. Wchnschr.. 1918. Ixv, p. 804;" The Lancrt, dexandra for him serum. Complications: I'aralysis of the right deltoid muscle. whooping cough, bronchitis, influenza, pharyngitis, laryngitis, tonsillitis, chickenpo.x, smallpo.x,

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thirty four cases of abortion; one of these died, but it was for suspected tuberculosis. Of these, 868 were returned to duty as three building which were planned to house the neuropsychiatric possible to show the full extent of the psj-chiatric problem in the sons with normal thyroids and those with hyperthyroidism. pyotlcrmir complications that arc the real cause of prolonged illness. While a 11 of the base hospital, devoted to the care of nervous and mental separate departments with specialized care for inebri- of new members for the remaining portion of the calendar year without lidp; you can even tic your own necktie." Wliereupon he amount of sickn&ss. "Fever, type undetermined," and "influenza" Neurasthenia and The Need of a Colony-Sanitarium for