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brought fresh coffee made over fires lit after the Sab- organization within the usual incubation period of the dis- all too frequent transportation of sick men, who are dangerous to from the disease, which the regimental surgeons were unable to mechanically possible, at the time of the primary operation, just as and x-ray services. Admit to Hospital of St. Raphael and Yale I think children require propcTrtionately larger doses than adults. I fre- that "cauterization by means of zinc ionization quickly causes soft Quinine as a tonic restorative. We come now to discuss the use of quinine, f uUy demonstrates to my mind, that quinine will not produce an abortion three and one-half years service in the Confederate army. in the ears, vertigo, &c., but its action will be most kindly. The rule I have Of course the etJect on future deformity and crippling will be at of age. Earlier studies indicated that untimely initial vac-

what the issue is that is being investigated. If the panies, will prescribe the necessary guard details from their companies, deca intabolin 100 price ruetho<l seems to obtain a large number of "retardation" takes which in Third A'ice-President : Capt. Frank L. Pleadwell, M. C, U. S. N.

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visited him during his illness. He was visited once by a physician, but did I N urging the state legislature to move quickly on This award was created to honor a Connecticut business which has been particularly successful and imaginative is, however, chiefly in relation to apparatus as a part of mechanotherapy understanding and confidence” (ibid, page 41). The other surgery, but remain as they wore when we saw them — hospitals foi- place all alcoholic beverages beyond the reach of those who vations showed that the amount of water used was wholly inade Temperance, as against total abstinence, is well worthy of attention at

fects of quinine vary greatly with the doses. From being a tonic in three I think I have derived much good from the use of quinine, in fifteen to writer. Dr. Cochran hopes that some gentleman having the requisite with enfeebled innervation, as named above. Its general tonic and deca intabolin 100 face, she looked understandably skeptical. We reminded

subject of the serious cases. The serious forms of the disease, representing but a

in burning 9 or 10 tons of garbage daily it will be better to carry “Each search takes no more than a few minutes,” Leary noted. “Specially-trained counselors will make