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may be scattered or broken or chased away or dispelled

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branch of surgical art is not stationaiy, but progressive ; and that we

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A year earlier he says of himself, as translated by

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leaves his home with the set purpose of spending his night in a brothel,

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part of its depth, a Httle in front of the first molars.

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Member of the Medical Society of Hamburg; Hon. Member of

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D. De B. Hovel), F.R.C.S. On the Treatment of Paralysis.

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i8g6. Had been castrated four months previously ; one of the wounds

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phoretics, warm baths, and friction, so as to enable the skin to do its-

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the word weakened ; for I hold it well ascertained, that an organ whose

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our twenty-seven cases proves very similar to that of Eberlein :

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State on Entry. — The entire limb was swollen and very tender on

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oblique direction backwards and inwards, exposing a loop of slightly

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50. A seven-year-old entire horse, left in hospital on the i8th

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septic night and morning. At the owner's request a further operation

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encouraged to take food and drink at short intervals, — every two hours,

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than one for London, the task would present no difficulties. Every one

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of pressure over the joints, made in the manner already described, those

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and the bedding appeared to be clean. There are no conveniences in

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was placed above the hock, and the growth removed (with little

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without an arm being raised in his defence. Not that he requires it, but because

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showed the appearance of Fig. 69. Myriads of echinococcus spines,

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checked by creasote; and he regards it as almost a specific in that form

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Section E. Public Medicine. — President: Dr. Rumsey. Vice-

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cultating the heart a strong musical murmur, covering the second

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upon it, and would make good use of them, plenty would be sent. Al-

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of granting an honorary degree similar to the honorary D.C.L. of the

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which was obtained from a mare ; the others being of canine origin.

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