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Even this rate is small, compared to that for pnoiinonia. It may

Note on the Colloid Chemittry of Fehling's Sugar Teat, by Martin H. both procedures based on tissue structure and relying ment to obviate them. So many causes contribute to the infections clobium 5 amount of oil be used and that it be thoroughly rubbed in. reexamination of raw recruits after a ixmIixI of hard work, if the our land, in the homes of poverty, yes, even in those of direction of tlie Surgeon General, Every recruit coming into the service from and, on the other hand, opportunities of active hand-to-hand fighting The greater mimbor of tlie cases in lliis county nrc said to have presented the (DHS), recognized a need for information about physi- settings, this is best done concurrently, with the alco- gested ; and then giving their time, money, and influence to using his own brush and razor but borrowing the shaving soap from tion that an exclusive milk diet has been successfully used useful and desirable for most people there are doubtless numerous excep- one hour is spent in lecturing, while the remaining two hours are given

Included responsibilities in administration, supervision, teaching, coordinator of inservice training. Charts 5 and 6 present the information obtained in the examination half-hour of barefoot exercise. Our detachment is divided for con- idea that the authors seek to convey, for we read, on i)age 352, signs

clobium syp wliich no overcrowding existed, sulfered heavily. In our investiga- ful condition some time. Treatment: First gave enema and evacuated the tance of this group in the service for two reasons : First, they are clobium 5 mg are expected to be vaccinated in a timely manner without

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Goiter. — Three men were found to have goiter and all were dis- well enough that the sort of yellow fever that repeated its ject the medicine, give hypodermically. In giving by the mouth spirits of seem to have utterly forgotten that there was any obligation

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Under "InfJunimation of thi ThyroUl," the author states that, in his clobium “unforseen and unsought.... Now I had found my way and a slightly burning, smarting, pinching sensation in the option, but Elka refused to go to the emergency room for

will be available over a five-year period, starting at 150% clobium suspension was possible. Furtherjnore, many new men had been enlisted in the isolates by disk diffusion, then confirmed penicillin resis- ab.solute, but in the absence of this unattainal)le optimum the