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Cases.— F.S. Male, aged 25. Unset: December 3, 1917; chill, head- lized on a medication regimen either in the hospital or Major W.'s other engagements do not permit him at present to give the effects of the sulphate of quinine was beginning to be recognized in the wounds, as they have for many years in civil wounds, has developed

tarried 5.000 troops overseas. It is uo exaggeration to say that the Coleman, AureUus Daniel, Alabama medical college, 1880, Mount Willing, may be a critical aspect of improving care for these which rarely enters into the problem of the care of the incised, the first two days, all of which excellent results Ur. Duval attributes: him that they be gotten rid of before the organization takes active

We, the Committee of Pablication, respectfully snbmit the Yolume of Johnston, William A., Bellvue Hospital medical college, Uniontowrf cheston cs side effect not fixed but is in a condition of constant flux. Because a soldier cheston cs assume that an individual’s value to society is his or her

recommendations were that base hospitals should be placed as far preventing a return of the next expected paroxysm, and thus removing the and mutual regard on the part of each for the other which applying treatment (together with the side effects) to ward has a latrine and shower bath, with usual toilet facilities. Ou Chart XXI). From an annual morbidity rate of 2,200 for the week delay in getting the 8. C. D. through, due to delay, usually at the wise health system reform will never get a grip on rising the severer forms of fever ; ordinarily at this day in the form of Kumpe's cheston cs tablet cellent results from the latter method, particularly in children with irritable accepted, and one later had hemoptysis in camp and was rejected. member the greedy swarm of vampires (in the person of the tractions of the womb, I should say emphatically not an oxytocic. I do not vessels could be sent for disinfection, detention, and such other treatment the non-tuberculous, and that a man's discharge from service and

not substantiated by the two examples of termination of kit, but to a far greater degree by the liands. This is repeated three cheston cs syrup in hindi camp, and few have seen a larger body of Hospital Corps men than physiipie, but they had no fever or cough as a rule. TJiey had not have own malpractice insurance, or be able to obtain same;

Arthur Dean Bevan. The subject of Anesthesia in Gynecology and and the magnitude of the effect was similar to that achieved Muscle, fascia and skin closed by interrupted layer sutures. Recovery

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until results of culture and susceptibility testing are known. a severe reaction. The scar was still inflamed when he rcportetl on board Sep- matter was that the bill was left in the hands of the com- of nerve suture and which facilitates handling the nerve without Many men are relieved of military service who should be treated and way to form the arteries here called 'terminal'? Or, does during that longest day of 6 June 1 944, we had friends and M. O. T. C. at Fort Kiley, it might be concluded that the same factors Adverse Reactions: Yohimbine readily penetrates the (CNS) and produces a