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Passing over the parasitic sporozoa which infest the muscles

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pared with the general weeding out of " the incapables."— I

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at Boston, U.S.A., contains, in addition to much excellent

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ports before the New York Academy of Medicine, of which I was then

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election of guardians, when a majority of the old guardians

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the former healed up, but about the end of 1891, the incision reopened"

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sembling tubercle, particularly in its tendency to caseous change.

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vested with a stroma of connective tissue. These tubules are of three

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drug is Chapoteaux's pills, containing y^ gr., or J mg., which may be

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be out of all proportion to the discoverable lesion. The patient may

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loudly conducted on the afl'ected side. The exaggeration of

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thoroughly recommend its directions and recommendations.

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Deaths in the Profession Abroad. — Among the members

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and b), the period of professional study between the date of

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infectious disease is propagated, whether it be measles, diphtheria,

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the Council an elaborate statistical defence of its methods

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edition, such as that of '' Catching Cold/' and the classification of dis-

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manent deafness, paralysis of one or more of the eye muscles, and in

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species, all of which can transmit the disease. Specimens of this

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them stripped, to find the characteristic vesicular eruption there.

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added to the pint of cocoanut oil, to give a grateful odor to the appli-

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ease was less likely to be kept out by any system of inspec-

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are dyspnea, cyanosis, great anxiety and restlessness, and toward the

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This is much the most anciently known and destructive of dis-

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truly aneurysms as those which form great tumors in the course of

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istic red color, nor would it be the oxygen carrier of the blood. Dur-

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replies to this proposal exclusive of two doubtful. The meet-

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The reviewer says : " As a matter of the fact the operation of