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wanting; afterward the expectoration becomes more copious; and as
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The pleuritis which constantly accompanies pneumonia is not sus-
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tissues were seen to be increased in volume. At the ankle the skin was
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may be imperfectly secured, and no means of communication
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plained of pain in his head and of marked pain in the lumbar region. He expressed
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sue after absorption of a pleuritic effusion, or contraction from chronio
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evacuation of the pulmonary arteries is impeded, a part of its efferent
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the contraction of the intestines, must induce vomiting. In some cases
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in 'the East by Sakurane and Okugawa, Japan, 1905; Lukis, India, 1907;
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feeling of fulness and compression causes fear of death and a sensa-
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is of normal size, but its walls are thinned Hence the normal size
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from Foulerton as well as our own, are pathogenic for monkeys, producing on
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catarrh of the pharynx and larynx, which is a very obstinate, although
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lar murmur is simply converted into bronchial respiration,
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fore been continuously under the immediate direction of men well trained
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Etiology. — Inflammations terminating in suppuration are oc-
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Aktinomykose der Lunge, der Leber und des Herzcns beim Menschen. Virch.
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soreness upon speaking or coughing; but these symptoms (although
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5, 889-895. — * Om Aktinomykosen hos Mennesket. Biblioth. f. Laeger,
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described. To apply leeches to the throat, though often done, is useless.
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desire for better things for their countrymen. This part of the population
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gots were never generated under these circumstances ; while
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first the evacuations consist of thin fecal matters (diarrhoea sterooralis).
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oviparous. The mechanism of the function, also, came to be
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deserves the most reliance. We may give twelve drops of laudanum
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of the capillary wall. It is preferable, in dealing with patients threat-
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Pathologie, New York, (1900), Actinomycosis or ray-fungus, 515.
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they started. It was observed that there was no communica-
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ance of well-known precautions against infection, reasonable health may
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the preceding ones, to say how far these symptoms depend on the
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remarkable circumstance by the fact that the latter point is subjected
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glottis is smaller, its entire space forming but a narrow chasm, yet the
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ly situated cavities— over which upon percussion we hear the metallic
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the other materials have been mixed and incubated for one hour at 37°.
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entire larynx. As a rule, these ulcers have a dentated, ragged shape,
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no pain in the chest Physical examination shows no abnormities.