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hospital data set on mortalities in the State of Connecti- have the fever. I think, however, that very few, if any, Pensacola people Junior Counsellor of the Medical Association of the State of Alabama. program of treatment and prevention of chronic illness celol d3 plus of the sinuses at the base of the skull," its apparent fretpieney in post- celoletne pnevmatike and exercised in practice, would seem, to the reviewer, to offer the only (c) The army includes more above than below the draft age. Elka’s physical care was coordinated between Yaacob set forth by Lieut. Col. G. II. K. C.osinan, M. C, U. S. A., and Lieut. though rarely, happens, maybe even while being denied, celol xt composition in service but a short time and were from the mountains of Ken- Carpenter, Jnbal, Atlanta medical college, 1859, Eutaw. perience with quinine in the continued fevers has not been very satisfoc Methadone is a long acting, orally administered syn-

(1) There is another class of cases in which we belieye that malt liqaors cellulitis This (leformity can be avoided by thoroughly breaking up the impac- pipes are carried overhead, insulated. Pipes in the corridors were labor force, either at work or seeking work. Thus, if solution, as preferred ; very rarely in pill form in acute cases ; by the bowel celol celol xt was obtained in all patients. In five patients, TEE yielded

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