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Selected Monographs on Dermatology. London : The New Sydenham

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or the muscles. It may enter the portal vessels and be carried to the

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rid of by coughing, and hence is always useless, if not harmful. This

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rature ranged up to about in:i" F. ; there was complete anorexia, and the

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The difference between the physical properties of nitrite

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also a small area of from 2 to 5 cm. of dulness along the spine on the

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H. Makins, London ; Mr. G. B. Mead, Newmarket ; Dr, T, S. Meighan,

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. J .;.! . iiisiHl bv a necrosed piece of bone in the nares, and which

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but these facts are equally applicable in all chronic inflammatory

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Filix mas, made with acacia powder, 2 min. of croton oil are added.

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to Paris to take counsel with the Municipal Committee of

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parts such as the face, neck, and back of the hands. But it is also

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D. Irvine, Muthill ; Dr. C. B. Ker, Criefi"; and Dr. C. D.

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products of decomposition, but especially to active oxygen,

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pernicious or grave anaemia, a form of anaemia which is now treated

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and Medical Officer in charge of the Government College at Lahore, from

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tion of the University of Cambridge be drawn to the imper-

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the intestine and other abdominal organs, until the patient sickens and

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general debility, soon to recover, however, on modification or susj)en-

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with spirit, water, starch, and sugar, and concentration by the

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fore the terminal cholemia, much may be Avne v^ ^^tros^ fr^f*:»»iiW!3«t

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June 30th. This morning his taste was tested again. On

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question whether they might not have gone a step further and urged the