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giving a short, yovy hot sponge. I have many times seen the tempera-

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with my own, and with that of those who have proceeded me

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can editor "have been principally confined to a careful revision of the text, the

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the gait in 10. It was normal in 1, namely, Handfield Jones's case;

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trial the medical evidence was very conflicting; one half of the witness

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The following officers were elected: President, Dr. John W.

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quickly re established, the tone of the tissues improved,

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years, from one-quarter to one-half teaspoonful. For children of

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eenta. It wu easily removed, and the blood fairly evacuated from the

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As IKDEX OF STMPTOM8 as a Clew to DIagnosIa By Ralph Wln-

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especially when frequenting schools or institutions^, and to constitute the

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of houses, and in all our researches made in Rome during the past

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saved to their friends and to the State, and it is quite possible that one

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Here, then, we have a case of sinus thrombosis which ap-

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and gangrenous cholecystitis. Between the extremes of mild and more or

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long relegated to the past as to be emphatically a back number, while

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among those whose hospital connections would give them

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he found that he did not have to use the magnets. All

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been effected. But the risk is so great that the operation should

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commonly normal, and the mental development of the subjects of this

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might occasion alarm. The desquamation of epithelium from

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promptly stopped by subcutaneous injection of ergot. Half a drachm of the

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particular importance, but the capsule may be considerably torn by the respiratory

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surroundings that it will relieve her of all disposition to melancholia— or any

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We leave this case. Heralded in the halls of the National

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On account of the respect which the cloth usually commands among

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number of mice with spontaneous tumors were merely moved from

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BuLKLEY, M. D., Physician to the New York Hospital, Fellow of the Xew

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ribs; but on the left, the fourth, fifth, and sixth ribs were, especially, bent inwards, immedi-

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proof than would otherwise have been possible. Cervi-

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The term scrofula, as frequently used by medical practitioners and

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