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injected a per cent solution of dog s serum twenty four hours old
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what it is desirable for public health authorities to do
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She had gained eleven pounds since the malignant tumors particularly in sar
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ing the stronger preparations are required to yield.
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be applied to the surface and judicious cardiac stimulation should be
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tongue is large and frequently protruding from the mouth the eyes
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may become developed suddenly and may as suddenly disappear.
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from thirst and vomiting recurred at times for several days.
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required more care and knowledge for its operation than can
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of suppurative pyelitis. The chills may recur at regular intervals and the
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resistance between the elements outside the cell. The touching
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current. The heart is the organ which must be relied upon
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Parents are liable for services rendered minor children
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ness of the skin in spots with deposits of black tar
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giving the above prescription for ten days to two weeks
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tained it had been given up not by the local authorities but
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discharge of the fluid the operation may be temporarily suspended
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as high as the navel increase of the reflexes and priapism.
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ures under as widely varying degrees of temperature. A