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sician to the Ossining Hospital, New York, and consulting pathol-

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for his life-work before devoting himself to gynecology,

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ized brain-power, mental and physical in-coordination, with de-

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protest — a most passionate and indignant protest — against the

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this region is antero-posterior, transverse, vertical, sometimes

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of the disease, the indications may be sufficiently characteristic

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Academy of Medicine library" was placed in the Library Hall of

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laxed muscle with a severing of the attachment of the tendon

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ties than that of Abingdon. We are sure the reading of this

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dissected out the entire sac which contained a living child,

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The high temperature denoted great peril, especially in con-

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arrests putrefactive decomposition, is spoken of as a disinfectant ; and,

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A young man of thirty-five wrote me from Canada that for

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gluteal region at the back, and deeply the coxo-femoral

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• tology, of international note, and a recognized authority on

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that competition is the life of trade, and that the road to

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The author could hardly fail to take pleasure in the form in

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Senior Physician to the London Homoeopathic Hospital.

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mentioned. Numerous illustrations are necessitated by the

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ing ; had not spoken a loud word for six weeks. Arum tri-

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the date of the second commencement. After graduation he at once

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measure when there is no osseous solution of continuity.