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the result of our war work — the question of occupational therapy.
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ficial effects of preventive treatment, as compared with curative,
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mors, and all hoc Eruptions, and deformities of the
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the period of the digestive cycle in which this hyperacidity may be
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Flowers, like the reft, but fmaller, the Seed hereof
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portant duties outlined herein. Remember that health and hap-
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were received with something of incredulity, or were distrusted,
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tice, with larger Leaves , of a red or reidijh Color,
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tion, with a probable immunity from the disease up in the
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Leaves of any Beet, to which it is likened by Come.
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VIII. As to the Qualities, Specification , Prepara-
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ing and school worry, though in milder cases school attendance may be
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Ground, with two Leaves at every Joint, brap lC f,.
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1 like the former , which are hard and green , being