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to organize the whole medical profession of the State,
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i inches in diameter; the thickness of the wall at this place was more than ^4 inch. The
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ised that he would not be stripped before hanging, ingeniously
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and there proceed with the dissection. The big metathoracic;
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induce others to inquire into it. It is not right that any
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whereas those changes which are not "insible either with the naked eye or
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tions had been entirely successful, and not to admit now that
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consider that Koplik's spots, to which so much attention has recently
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not advanced with great pace. For, first of all, diseases
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osteological collection, in which the crania of various animals
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support of every physician who is interested in the advance-
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County ; An Epidemic of Intercostal Neuralgia, by Thomas F.
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we cannot say that our own cineritious matter has stood the shock ; we
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know that he was doing an act that was wrong ; and this course,
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tiality of the physician would award the honour of the oure,
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disabled very largely without involving a deterioration of the
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Abstract of a paper read in the Section on Obstetrics and
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evils of the abuse of alcohol and tobacco should also be
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demic in our nurseries. Reports of the effects of cocaine on
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bercular matter, carried by the blood to all parts of the
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do no more than suspend the spasms temporarily while the patient is
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slight vision returned and a slight arterial twig was seen in the
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(Madison Barracks, N. Y.). Par. 3, S. O. 131, Headquarters
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The blood is a passively moving tissue. It is kept in
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method, and did not liquefy gelatin. Intravenous injections of large
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either from a direct action of the poison upon the muscle itself — cloudy
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As one considers the pathogeny of fever of the most
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under the direction of another physician. Indeed, such visits should be
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tive region and the soles of the feet to be the least
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The Effects Of Age. The changes produced by age may be con-
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this controversy, in the deliberations of a learned so-
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haemorrhage and inflammation, and advised to have the
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been resorted to and relied upon. To fulfil the second indication
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the nest morning the placenta found in the vagina.
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proper course to pursue to restore the apoplectic patient to a