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and most effective. But this operation shall not be per-
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various degrees of dullness of intellect ; the opposite
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tion. Dr. Barton Cooke Hirst, of Philadelphia, will read
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Nathan H. Stark ; treasurer, Dr. Thomas A. Gonzales.
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inent of Health of the City of Philadelphia: Malarial
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The one of choice is an extraurethral incision made
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2. Custodianship of the Watch and Bible of Dr. Benja-
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Spleen, pancreas, mesenteric lymph nodes, stomach, and
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syphilis ; interstitial keratitis, right eye, from seven years
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using the isolated active principles of opium it is
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The deaths from diarrhoeal diseases under five years of age
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-diet, baths, massages, and electricity. Address physician in charge.
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curs from time to time normally, as an effect of the
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Schultze, F. M iinchcner uicdizinischc IVochenschrift,.
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constitution. The properties of substances, and the
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spirillosis of fowls ; yet, after a curative dose of
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quicken the pulse rate ; but nothing was noted char-
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by any fluid depends entirely upon its height and the
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This was followed within ten minutes by considerable pain,
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that the patient feels safe and is free from the fear
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revealing the living pathology and rendering the ar-
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tocks and th'en either raising or lowering it, so that
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alterations in the gastrointestinal canal (autointoxi-
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jaw. The latter was treated by the extraction of a tooth
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