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bacilli were found m the sputum, however, and some time
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cated in chronic disease, where it has produced exception-
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quent biliousness" before her attack. In aesthetic had been given,
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the sensory function of the hemisphere our knowledge is not
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tions might well be to avoid patient refusal of student
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"Watch til an" has retired from the field of duty, and thus obstructed the
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22. Action of Phosphoric Acid upon Phthisis. By R. P. Cotton, M.D. — Phos-
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Percivall says that catarrh is much oftener the result of
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resected with careful preservation of its perichondrium.
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movement of the one surface upon the other must take place before
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built to Rush Hospital, which is designed for the treatment of
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had increased more than cancer of other organs, and ty-
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axiom in medical an<l siirgical practice that the treatment of those diseases
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Contact Mr. Earl Anderson, 607 Seitz Ave., Mayville, Wis.
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declined? He thought not; but left it to the jury. He, hoAvever, thought
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left the house ; in fact neither Dr. Campbell nor I thought it probable
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was communicated to the ' Medical Gazette ' (vol. 34, p. 288), by Mr. Bossed I
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arranged very disorderly, in the back part of the register. The rules
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secured by adhesive strips, lint, and the common dressings. Bread and
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new contrivance is to obviate entirely this necessity.
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when only a single shot strikes a person. This singular liability of
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the companies, as originally introduced, fixed the rates
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ology, and no Physiological Laboratory. Prof. Schiff declares he does not
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tion, which, he says, obviates all the dangers of this operation.
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section a large vein crossed transversely the ante-
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The only case of undoubted primary carcinoma, alluded to above,
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corresponding surfaces of the tibia and fibula, and held in place by means of two silver-
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inguinal) more definite symptoms are found, the glands being en-
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downwards as it passes in towards the tympanum ; but it has, as
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strips. Around the cast, while on the leg, I apply strips of adhesive
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anemic convulsions, or an apoplectic seizure. The early symptoms,
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result from rupture into the pericardium, or, if the peri-
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11 p. 1., 342 pp., 1 1., 26 pis. 24°. AmstelcTdami. [\V°^.]
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cess have met with the same results, and they are confirmed by
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*hat operation offers and that the operation should be
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and afterward notice briefly the more important of these affections indi-
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