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those stubby, knotted, clumsy fingers responding so

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normal tone. Systematic massage repeated many times a day, not

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or at the dairy at which the milk is collected and stored prior to shipment,

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Case. — Dr. B. asked me to see a young married ■ septic friends, I am not yet convinced but that the

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the presenting parts, the patient was unable to void the urine, and for the last

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for the treatment of tuberculosis, and, especially when complicated

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ganization. Thus the famous saying of Niemeyer, that

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notes a diflFerence of 44 in the rate at diflFerent times ; Parkinson and

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The ventricles compose the body of the heart, and are formed

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of the forearm. It extends generally to the lower extremities, and here

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maintained only by an appreciation of its danger, the im-

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running from the embryo to the chorion. The cavity of the

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though not opened. Peritoneum smooth over whole extent.

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entertained by most of the eminent members of the surgical profession, so far

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cept by forcing the caustic into and below the membrane; this can

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normal individals had such stigmata as found upon criminals ;

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of waste products by the kidneys, and in other ways.

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undergo any abnormal changes ; if sweats break out, the urine is of course

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into a rapidly softening portion of lung, infiltrated with pus and

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the amount of the tissue change, estimated by the relative amount

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radar station to a base with complete ship repair facilities and

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overwhelming clouds into the nose, ears and mouth of the pitiable

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ous substance which the pathogenic bacillus is said to

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and make the necessary analyses. Examinations of this character for

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somewhat over- rate its value. The fluid extract is, of course, given in

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collect mainly in the cell surfaces turned toward the leaf.

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next annual meeting of this Society will be held in

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colored paper the greater part of his ' Half Century,'

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flrst sign observed was enlargement of the thyroid gland. Enlargement

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active inflammatory character may be ushered in by a shivering

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creation as shall be decided safest and most effective. But this

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kept a particular account of the date of such operations, and the quantity

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some havmg an excess, and others a deficiency of it. The distri-

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domestic cistern, might there multiply to such an ex-

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Leach, G. similis Leach, G. electricus Leach, G. cephalicus Wood, Lithobins

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served from 1860 to the end of his life as a trustee of Ripon College, and in

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these germs find a suitable soil in the human body and there begin

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Gauze for packing is cut in long narrow strips, folded inward sev-

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