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not be deprived of the assistance of medical men of their

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nerve cells are well stained, and considerably larger than iu

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Medical Inquiry as to the Cause of Death. — Evidence of Dr.

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Irton Smith. M. A., assisted by the Rev. C. J. Steward, cousin of the

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disinclination of students to enter the service, and especially

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septic condition was soon established, as manifested by the

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for married applicants, and for town districts 15s. and 21s. per

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Of eighteen cases, not, however, all in children, success

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Secretary : Dr. JluUen. Members of the Council : Drs. Spring-

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hand, it was ascertained that a severe epidemic of true

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have shown that the treatment is of marvellous efficacy. The

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in healthy individuals. Tuberculin, however, can hardly be

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authorities calliMg their attention to the order of the «ec etary of state,

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New London, Conn., in July, 1892. Taken as a whole,

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one on the Chemical Composition of Hsematin and Hjemato-

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that there was here neither acclimatisation nor masculinity. In fact,

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