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is, in many cases, not of Canadian birth or descent. It mav be
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Being laid upon the sheet so that his nucha touches the upper edge,
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The course and degree of the fever, however, differ in dengue and in
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centre, which, being overwhelmed by the disease, fails to respond to
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Technique. — Two or four folds of old linen, thin or thick as may be
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I doubt if true fermented champagne, strange as it may
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assistance in Hamilton than in Toronto. In that connection 1
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of the chemical composition of his dinners, but catered to his
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in the antiphlogistic system of treatment, and almost every
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no statistics at hand, but I think there was one case survived
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solve. Does it come through the food primarily, owing to
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which are due to the circulation of toxic elements in the blood. Here
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and ignorantly. To speak of a remedy in heart lesions, or
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or come from the long list of proprietary remedies seen in
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rapid method of great practical value for staining the organism in tissues,
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without delay. Operation "gives a mortality of only 55.5 per cent."
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Fischer reports twelve cases cured for over two years and four
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complete hemiplegia. Under thirty and a paralytic! I at
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has a world-wide reputation. Dr. Arthur Van Harlingen
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high, and carbohydrates 68, less than corn and wheat. Boiled
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the appointments are not to engage in private practice. Colonel
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doubt that the milk of a tuberculous cow, especially if she
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a well-trained attendant; the technique described must be strictly
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genic germs that go down with his apples as from any indi-
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treatment, rigidly enforced, appears to save from six to eight in each
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manganate and ammonia or other alkalies. The queens and
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American mind may by proper instruction be held aloof from this fad.
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has tuberculosis. As to tuberculin R, if one wishes, he may
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may become shorter and shorter, producing finally a continued type of
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indication of danger in specific fevers, it is not always the cause of it.
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scope, with some of its principles modelled after the tele-
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clinical proof of the correctness of the view expressed in the opening
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Scotch douches (45° to 15° C), of four minutes' duration. These
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Cohnstein and Zuntz, a similar effect is produced upon the leucocytes
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of various sorts and equally success- ' X"*^ V^-^e^^^*^ . */
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of all men, something about them and their merits and their
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none of whom were confined to bed. He arranged for them
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per pound, 1940. Here is a food value nearly equal to wheat
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per cent in the bathed cases, ten in the unbathed cases — as the latter
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apyrexia they allow rolls, rice, cream, tapioca, chocolate, four soft
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reasons, which, in my opinion, offer some valuable lessons. He writes :
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nary orange-boxes in shape and holding about a half-bushel