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tion are quite characteristic. The condition is sometimes called cyanotic

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Then, too, we had our field ponds and other collections of

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in several cases with the view of ascertaining whether any reaction of

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that the same diseases, under other ^nd more favourable conditions, expand

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the child — that which is superfluous being returned

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K'rt side had almost subsided; and that on the right side Avas soft,

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dymitis with effusion into the ventricles is developing itself. There are,

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ducted and inverted. Lumbar spine very much curved.

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the intervening space being occupied by fascial cel-

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Luerssen (4) confirmed the observations of Cantani by growing B. influenzcz

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liness. There is, indeed, a new dispensation, but it is,

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l)read. The entire wheat grain is of value; the husk (which is

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site fmind in the human body a separate embryo or larva must enter. Thus,

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to the anatomy of the pancreas, the histology of the islands of

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sometimes can only read with the book two or three inches from

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Inasmuch as the etiological factor in many of the cases of so-called

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listinct eniption over Ixxiy and arms ; urine Lirgo

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efficient and reliable means of affording relief. If the dropsy be slight or

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but unlike Galen's drug theory, 22 the notion of krasis or balance among

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torcica, and consisting almost wholly of a cyst containing colloid

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tion in which we have, in young, irregular, or amenorrhceal

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Hospital surgeon, of a successful colotomy for imperforate

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graph showed bullet lodged just above point of entrani'e. The wound was probably

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Indian_Branch Brit. M. Ass. Madras, 1888, ii, 84, 1 pi.—

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onary artery of the lip, which was divided with the mucous

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strument had its junction protected by a roll of paper or by a

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cases of congenital dislocation of the shoulder, wrist, and hip, and of