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In many cases, as for example the various lesions of the

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frequent appearance of a temporal pallor of one or both optic

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The fully developed form of stenosis is illustrated by nine cases. In

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Ask any good Bolshevik on what his doctrinaire is based and he

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sick benefit during disability. It is proposed to divide the State

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surance companies succeeded in establishing a scale of fees to which

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Long Island College Hospital, where he was graduated M. D. in

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ings of the patient should be calculated to prevent brain-waste and to

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written in a masterly manner. Both theory and practice are carefully

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Saalfeld, of Berlin {Deutsche med. Wbchenschri/t, November 7, 1889), in

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are swallowed with difficulty, then semi-solids, and lastly fluids ;

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are many, however, in which the proofs seem to be fairly credible. Of

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I am indebted to Dr. Louis Berger, House Surgeon, to whom much of

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a very short attack of the disease. Not infrequently the influenza had been

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by the long duration of the disease, and the great danger to others from

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are going to get well. The ulcer is only one feature of their pathological

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and water, and again cleansed with carbolized water, after which the

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adopting amendments to the Health Insurance bill indicates that the

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Eight ataxic patients, of whom six were men and two women, were treated

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allow the mixture to dry; powder and diffuse it in a 1 : 4000 solution of

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body of considerable importance? Why is it that the situation

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which closed completely. First she was very pale. Then the whole surface

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Case II. Baby K. two days old, June 17, 1918. Vomits all

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sorption. This test may undoubtedly be claimed the best at present

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Schwartze, and others, as published by them, Otorrhoeas cured, 80 per

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present illness began one month ago, it came on gradually with loss

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and colon were filled, I had the flow stopped by compressing the

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in such abundance as to make them familiar to all, yet the following

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a right angle. This case came to the service of the late Dr. George R.

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and the post-mortem examinations have been made almost exclusively

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and plying for employment like scullers at Hungerford Stairs.' '^

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in fact, you could see through this membrane, showing that the ulcer

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of the underworld, but may be the victim of quack or other

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with this test it was discovered that any patient taking potassium

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tained a male foetus at term. Attempt to remove the placenta caused so