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I have selected Mr. Wells, because there is no higher rec-
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breaking up adhesions that were formed everywhere anteri-
Blood root was a favorite remedy of the early Eclectics,
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"Another property highly prized in some quarters is the ac-
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for such a person to keep warm; and to put on extra clothing
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If of the cheeks, one or both, we refer it to the respiratory or-
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Apply to the mouth with a soft cloth, taking care to
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has been expressed that the disease is transmitted to man from
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In neuralgic constrictive pains in the chest this agent exerts
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"Apis will relieve edema when there is smarting, burning and
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"States in which a coating is formed on the tongue by the
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sternum and anterior segment of the ribs pass forwards, the lat-
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1. Congestion of the brain does sometimes cause epilep-
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ing-cough ; epilepsy ; chorea ; neuralgia ; rheumatic pains'; hem-
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case we will have a flushed face, bright eyes, contracted pupils,
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This remedy constitutes an efficient stimulant to the men-
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definitely the elements that go to form it, and their relation to
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rulent discharge from the ear, together with some other
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tinguishes it from all other sores. The bottom of the ulcer
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add strength to what at present we must consider a fallacious
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portions. Oil of erigeron acts very well with specific cinnamon.
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rhea, spermatorrhea, chordee, and in diabetes insipidus. Can-
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special action on the sexual system, especially the female sexual
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cines in alternation. When combinations are necessary they
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pelled from the urethra by rhythmical spasms of the muscles
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If in acute disease with dryness of the tongue we observe it
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of the American origin, founded his opinion upon the
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a remedy of frequent usefulness. In hysteria marked benefit is
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tonsils ; heartburn and flatulency ; catarrh in scrofulous or gouty
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been produced by its administration in large doses for the pur-
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is still ignorant of the nature of her own fatal ill-
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visiting the Western Territories as a special peace commis-
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three hours before the chill, which is thought to record the break-
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tempered. It is also a most excellent remedy in some cases of
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