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highly significant condition, and one that is seemingly diagnostic, is the
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branched, and giving off at regular intervals fine, long branches, the
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cases. On the other hand, in acute colitis diarrhea is conspicuous, and
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portion of the vagus system. Indeed, brachycardia is produced in one
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Burdach are degenerated, particularly in the lumbar region, and to a
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the pulse at the right wrist is strong and almost simultaneous with the
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Prognosis. — This should be guarded as to cure, on account of the
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arms and thighs, giving the patient the appearance of an unequally de-
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are slight in bronchial stenosis, while they are marked in laryngeal ob-
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festations. I am aware that all surgery is tending toward con-
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served in the clavicles, sternum, ribs, pelvis, and particularly in the pa-
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the normal quantity of saliva may cause dribbling from the mouth and
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As has already been stated, the most frequent mode of infection is
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and debility must be excluded before the diagnosis is established.
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tional or not, would naturally deprive all the men patients in the
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Symptomatology, diagnosis, pathology and therapeutics should
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the infantile type is equally applicable in these forms. Ergot and bella-
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Sensitiveness of the nasal passages and the throat to the inspired
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Diarrhea. Nervous diarrhea may arise from heat, cold,