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particularly measles and scarlet fever. The other type is that of the
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Mr. J. Patrick — Surgical Service of the Salonika Army. 31
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("daisy form," Golgi). In each of these a circumscribed, glistening
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in relation to a changing blood volume. For example, a marked
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chief change. The condition is symmetrical, a condition indicating the
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epistaxis or other hemorrhages, which occur as the result of impaired
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germ theory of disease had found firm lodgment in many
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The temperature at first falls, and in fatal cases it may continue to
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and other characteristic evidences will always be present iti ataxia.
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prevalent of all diseases. Professor Miller demonstrated that
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tious treatment of this condition by capable dentists.
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alveolar and ethmoidal suppuration without at any time
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were wounds of the facial artery always with fracture of the lower
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^ in the left eye. A slight weakness of the right abducens
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gestions — as the existing knowledge was rapidly re-
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nective tissue is accompanied by fatty degeneration of the
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equilibrium, violent general convulsions, and quick termination in death,
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While during the first half of the present century there
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has been free from all symptoms except ataxia and this seems to be slowly
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believe in important modifications of structure as occurring in so short a
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Greatrakes has been described as a man of unimpeachable
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The prospect of diminishing the mortality from certain diseases relates
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tonus, dislocate the affected limb permanently in their own direction,
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retaries, Bookkeepers, Receptionists, Insurance Clerks
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straight rubber catheters, and even the ordinary silver catheter, is, as a rule,
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preservation, postoperative ventricular failure refrac-
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the treadmill." Its alleged influence in lessening the mortality of smallpox
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stages. We will briefly consider the more important of those sequelae
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Dourine is most easily mistaken for vesicular exanthema,
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The onset of the attack may be sudden or gradual ; with or without
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burnt down. A black substance was found in the tree,
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useful power, by gradually increased violence of rubbing
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the freedom of the individual. The socialization of
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For more than four years we have been intimately associated as mem-
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2. Abdominal type, (a) Renal. (£) Intestinal, (c) Pan-
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oner was charged. He remained Superintendent of the City Hospital un-
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tissues, and the perichondrium from the cartilage. This
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ing. In addition to the caution which this case conveys respecting medical
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