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.^•' venient to go, and consequently we are not prepared to speak with con-

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that l)r. Holmes, of this city, was the fortunate author of three essays in

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I find that Dr. Baillie, in His work on morbid anatomy, states that ^ t

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In the treatment of variolous ophthalmia. Mackenzie speaks of rene*

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in chronic rheumatism, as well as iu the latter stages of acute rheuma-

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marginal ones drop off". The next row takes their place. This is brought about

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encountered as a poison is the potassio-tartrate, or tartar-emetic. This

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Medical Miscellany, — ^The military hospital at Jacksonville, Flprida^

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West Todies^ constitute the most important remedy in incipient tubeicle.

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Fairfield, Geneva, Berkshire', Castleton, and, perhaps, Woodstock. The

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Ji Medical Practice, — Several gentlemen who are now practiaiiig

altace better than benicar

be affected. The patient complains of loss of smell and of the taste of

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were obtained from sixty gaols. As the diet varied considerably in these

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tion of cases sleep is induced, and the disease suspended, the first night ;*

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it to that which is produced by a red-hot iron. He was not a little