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is tlie iiydroc3phalic condition. In those rare cases

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fort and pain each time, after being worn a while. An

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Madison M. Brewer, assistant surgeon, U. S. A. First-Lieut.

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By Arthur Erxest Sanso.m, M.B. Loud., &c. Churchills.

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paracentesis. This oi}eration, however, is admissible, as a palliative

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the one case in which ergot of rye was administered.*

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A Large Fee. — Tlie largest fee I ever got, writes Dr.

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lateral lobe, where it is closely related to the recurrent

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gives full details of a case of absorption from spontaneous

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with scarlet fever, one with measles, and one with both. In two there

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attack, or perhaps at an earlier period. In these cases, the disease is

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be well flushed with a large injection of tepid water, so as to remove the fecal

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was found, and entirely without any digestive troubles ;

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libraries, picture galleries, ball and concert rooms, circus and

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ing juice to concrete gradually in bamboos ; thus obtained it is

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nerves (p. 114), which has evidently been an inadvertence on

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No other business came up, and Dr. G. P. Conn, of Concord^

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described one case in which the patient was obliged to

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drooping of the lids and immovability of the globe as

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Whereas, The moral constitution of society requires that every member

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breath more and more foetid, till he died on the 1-ith.

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of the larynx than upon the right, although the foreign

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of Lent, the wise physician sees his opportunity. It is easy to

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v. Dusch, gives a chart (in No. 8) showing one of tl\e children under

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(e) As soon as this artificial respiration has been started, and

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tunately such animals are ill adapted to fine metabolic examina-

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and Wells, Vice-Chancellor of the University. IMPRIMATUR

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protects against a typical one. Before the introduction

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plasm," and voila heterogenesis ! But apart from the possibilities

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Variations in size of the red elements with perhaps

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members of that force, and partly to the utilization of

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standing claims are to be resolved, and some proposed

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stained with blood. He calls the affection hemorrhagic erosion of the stomach or

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When of very protracted duration, or unusual intensity, then, like