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in color. At my next visit, two days later, she had left the

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return of the spasms. The treatment of several cases

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order to treat a child successfully we ought to have begun 200

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evacuations sohd masses of animal or vegetable matter, fat which has not

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every case. In many the idea of self-destruction arises, but is firmly

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toms are greatly intensified; but more often, perhaps, the condition early

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These, your Lordship, are a few instances which occurred

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increase of over 37 per cent, in the total chlorid output. The maximum

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and then sbe remained three weeks longer under our observa-

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softening, and the cretaceous or calcareous. The first is the most


however, as a sufficient reason for the preference he thus so

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I attended a case of this disease some time ago ; the child had a

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briate Asylum during the year, but that the time elapsed since

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the Metropolitan Asylums Board during the years 1901-02 are classified

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completely exhausted, was well satisfied with my reasoning and my de-

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"The Medical World. A journal of Universal Medical Science/'

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of the seventeenth century looked for it in a prevalence in

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In reference to the application of the sugar-test, however, it must be remarked

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it is scarcely necessary to mention how hazardous it would be to infer from them the

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hain and other good physiologists — viz., that the hypnotic

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now fully restored, and he will soon resume the course of his

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considered them hypertrophies of tlie submucous tissue.

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Polk, Paul F Munde, the editor of the Medical Record,

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tion of the sensory nerve-centres consequent on excessive

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(1), general irritability and excitement; (2), a weak, rapid

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be allowed that the majority of cases of alcoholic over-

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of lead. It is only within late years that certain diseases have been traced

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and from beneath which there may be furnished a fatty and serous

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subject almost nothing has been done in England, and almost