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was, on the whole, more violent than here. Dr. Weber thought it would have

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scales fall off and are not renewed, and some cases are cured in a

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Practitioners, under the e.^itreme pressure of work, too often

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opaque granular matter are really tubercles. This whole subject


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ear and nose ofttimes is, of course, inherited, but

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Middleton, Serjeant-Surgeon to Geo. III. ; Claudius Amyand, Ser-

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for at least 12 consecutive months, and which is of a

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II. The second event consists in the more yradual distension

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derness in the back and flank persisted until the third

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but not unfrequently it ends in protracted convalescence, after the

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theritic laryngitis, pneumonitis, etc., is not inconsiderable. The rate of

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and chloroform in 50 laparotomies, and have come to

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quite jjrofuse. This, together with the woman's dis-

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November; and during this period of 4 months I saw 58 cases, or

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of subacute bacterial endocarditis in the bacteria-free stage that

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this point. To quote Noyes, "In doubtful cases we give mixed treat-