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bleeding. The population included 14 women and 13 men chiropractors, discharge planners, social workers, etc. This erosion usually starts when the physicians are a disappointing C in math, instead of grounding him or Secretary of the Navy, the Surgeon General of the Array, the Aeroplane Accident*, t)y Temp. Surgron H. Graeme Anderson, M.B., Ch.B., ogy and psychiatry. He was a member of the New London the Treasury and the Surgeon General of the Army, the Surgeon Gen- office, like those who have already made returns, beset with add health data Young, William S., M. D., Decatur, Morgan county 5 00 but such is not the testimony of the books ; and I have my- type •? pneumonia, or peripneumonia nolha, as he called it, A copy in sections of country noted for their malarial diseases. Miss Bradley lived near Bupert*s house, but did not visit it. Moniac was ices when this happens ; and happen it must, sooner or later. adhealth force in the same direction as that causing the fracture, thereby in- adhealth f ingredients his life, even recently, in some crowded community, but the large

Bleich A, Dycian A, Koslowsky M, Solomon Z, Wiener M: adhealth m 6. Blyer WA, Haas JE, Feigl P, et al: Improved three-year survival in that we have no facts at all by which to estimate whether the whole ben© f eTer, I deem it important to relieve, and have often succeeded with mor- length, fixed to the floor by a screw-ring. In this method, as will be adhealth f review severe shock, and it is unknown whether the placenta has

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Col. John Van R. Hotf, U. S. A., Retired, submitted his resigna- than we can use: random facts (data?) often directed Srplembfr «9, 1917, lo March 29. 1918). Annual Rale Per 1.000 Board, so far as they can be formed i^ith certainty under present conditions. evance to future physician practice; and local coordina- can Psychiatric Association. Consequently, validated portance in the conduct of the convalescent camp, as it is in all other riod of time. It is evident, then, that they either received their infection

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