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hundred livres for the first time, to be increased in case of a second offence,

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Resolved, That the Massachusetts Homoeopathic Medical Society and the Boston

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very advanced before the treatment was used. Osgood, of the

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when administered to the body, and it is only by a careful chemical examination

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character, and obviously admitting of ready explanation from the lesion of

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following were elected members : Thomas M. Dillingham, M. D.,

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(a) Double-contoured round bodies (5 to 80/x) ; mature

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When the serum is diluted twenty-five-fold the calcu-

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point is approached. Potassium bi-iodate [KH(I0 3 ) 2 , eq.

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normal sera. This is the basis of Davidsohn's differential test.

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the picrate; without a filter the standard and unknown

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able. In seventy-four cases reported by Spiegelberg and Fraukel,

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each other's rooms. The people who were not on intimate terms with the

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(2) The following readings are representative of the four

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is to make the surface of contact between the solution

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initial rise of temperature is generally moderate ; 100°— 102° F., sometimes

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within 48 hours, but are not typical Escherichia or Aerobacter

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"asthmatic attacks" and, in addition, some epigastric discomfort.