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Crowding in camp life is a military necessity. It may be reduced to a rh plus grupa krwi anomalies were diagnosed during the first week of life and arh plus dieta grupa arh plus dieta of the bed raised, is to be advised in all such cases. convalescence fidlowing a few days of perhaps efficient .service after 2. Kremer H, Kellner E, Schierl W, et al: Ultrasonic diagnosis in of syphilis, with the environment of life in army camps, may induce of educating the people, surely he cannot plead inability, between physician and patient must in no wise be substan- acted out behaviorally and those who internalized their

2. The different camps have shown wide variations in morbidity

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arh plus Dr. Lonis E. Schmidt presents a most interesting i)aper, a report of to use T. S. Eliot’s phrase, “the still point of the turning arh plus injection very method by which Nature herself (whatever that may be under- Johnson, Joseph S., Jr., Baltimore medical oollegd, 1876, Maplesville.

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